Having already reviewed it’s big brother, we’re delving into Uinta’s more everyday, devil may care offering. Let’s cue the Pogues, dial into Matthew Lilliard circa 1998, and see how it stacks up.


Name:  Punk’n Harvest Pumpkin Ale

Place of Origin / Brewer: Utah, USA / Uinta Brewing Co.

Beer style / ABV%:  Pumpkin Ale / 4.00%

Specialty Prep / Individuality:  Malt and hops accented with organic roasted pumpkin and organic spices of the season including cinnamon, nutmeg, and clove, and a  subtle hint of vanilla and honey. Try it with roasted turkey, squash or pumpkin ravioli, peach cobbler, or pumpkin cheesecake. It’s also brewed on the same renewable power system as Uinta’s other beers, as we touched on in our review of their Oak Jacked Imperial Pumpkin Ale.



I love this label. It’s simple and clean and lovely. It’s got an iconic pumpkin that’s already popped it’s top and ready for carving, a compass embossed into the bottle itself, and a well thought out font selection for the description on the side. – Brittney

I love the craft nature of this label, with the graphic intense artwork I’m reminded of letterpress printing styles from the early 20th century.  I also like the “Earth, Wind and Beer” motto which–other than bringing to mind disco–denotes a very artisian zen vibe and highlights the alternative power sources used to produce the ale.  I am, however, at least somewhat confused by the “3% Organic Ingredients” proclamation.  I’m not sure that conveys a ‘homemade’ vibe they must be going for.  Mostly it makes me wonder where the other 97% came from. – Tim


Color:  7

A fizzy amber ale with nice hay yellow highlights, great clarity, and solid staying power on the fluffy head. – Mike

Wonderful pumpkin-orange copper coloration makes for a very appetizing brew. The thick cream colored head lasts for a bit and leaves nice amounts of lacing behind. – Rick

M- 7 / T- 7 / B- 8 / R- 7


Aroma:  6.5

I’m immediately struck by the bready notes and fresh vegetal pumpkin on the bouquet. Curiously the aroma on this beer is very understated–which for a pumpkin ale (that generally assaults your senses) is both a welcome change and a puzzling curiosity. – Tim

Funky vegetal greenery and grains with extreme amounts of squashy pumpkin. Some Oat and caramel notes underlay, with dry nutmeg, and ten tons of pumpkin puree. – Mike

M- 7.5 / T- 5 / B- 8 / R- 6.5


Mouth feel:  6

Smooth velvet washes over the tongue making it easy to drink. Each sip starts with a bold splash, but quickly falls flat over the tongue. – Rick

After a slight fight through the remaining head, this one is light bodied and very active. The carbonation masks most anything else you could find in this as far as mouth feel goes. – Brittney

M- 7.5 / T- 4.5 / B- 7 / R- 5.5



Tasting notes:  6

If individuality is a virtue, this sucker has it. The gourd presence from the nose stays firmly dominant, and yields both rye and heavy barley with under played nutmeg that tastes as though it’s been freshly ground. – Mike

Earthy like fresh pumpkin guts, sweet breadiness from the malts but light on the spicing with only a touch of cinnamon sneaking in.  The light aroma should have been a tell-tale sign, but I find this ale to be somewhat weak and far too mellow to really stand out. – Tim

Slightly disappointed that the flavor sort of fades away on this one.  The aroma really had me excited for something great but all of the sweet pumpkin you could smell up front gets lost becoming just a slight vegetal taste with a tiny bit of spice.  If you are looking for a less sweet option for an introduction pumpkin beer this is the way to go. – Brittney

Not too much happening with the sweet pumpkin aspect unfortunately. What was captured in the aroma is lost here in the flavor. The gourdy profile turns out to be bitter and a tad souring leaving some sweet spices to be desired. – Rick

M- 6.5 / T- 5 / B- 7 / R- 4.5


Finish:  6

Peppery and bitter, the finish was unexpected. I have a feeling that this brew might be indicative of a more traditional or authentic pumpkin ale than what we are used to today, with less spicing and relying on the vegetal quality of the gourd to round out the flavor. – Rick

Short-mid-range finish with a touch of hoppy bitterness and tang, coupled with more bready malts and a hit of caramel-esque sweetness.  I’m actually more of a fan of the finish of this beer than I am of the bouquet and the body.  I guess it’s beneficial to make your last impression a good one. – Tim

M- 6 / T- 6 / B- 8 / R- 4.5


Flavor balance:  6

–         Pumpkin to Spice balance: 5.5

As understated as this beer is, it almost feels unfair to nitpick the harmony on display here.  I think it needs to get amped way up in both departments–but, as it stands, it’s unquestionably more pumpkin than pie.  And that’d be fine, but it’s not balanced if you’re aiming the entire beer below median level.  – Tim

I’m starting to appreciate this ale more as the glass nears empty. The pumpkin dominant profile is subtly accented by a light addition of spices, which seems to go against the grain of other pumpkin ales. – Rick

M- 6.5 / T- 4.5 / B- 6 / R- 5

–         Sweet / Dry balance: 6

It tips ever so slightly dry, with grain and spice complimenting a very clean and easy drinking vegetal pumpkin. – Mike

A little on the bitter dry side of the spectrum, but decently well rounded. Worth noting here is a slight sourness of a vegetal quality which knocks back any sweetness as well as helping dry it out. – Rick

M- 6 / T- 5.5 / B- 7 / R- 6.5

–         Multiple Drinkability?  6.5

If you could judge a beer by it’s bottle I would drink this one all night long.  It’s subtlety in flavor makes it a simple one to return to for more than one bottle. – Brittney

While there is a relative lack of complexity to this ale, I think it hollow’s out a comfortable and approachable niche, particularly appealing to the drinker that is turned off by sucrose laden pints, and not yet ready for sour funk or a spice beat down. It’s a simple session, but sometimes that’s what the doctor ordered. – Mike

M- 7 / T- 4 / B- 8 / R- 6


Overall:  6.25

M- 6.67 / T- 5.33 / B- 7.50 / R- 5.67