Name:  Pumpkin Spice Cordial Syrup

Place of Origin / Produced by:  New York, USA / Fee Brothers

ABV: Non- Alcoholic


Family owned and operated since 1864 (now in their fourth generation), Fee Bros. is hardly an unknown quantity in the craft cocktail realm. Thusly, we felt compelled to review this product. Though it may not be technically alcoholic in and of itself, it is certainly designed to bring pumpkin and spice in abundance to your favorite libations. What we found was a very nicely balanced syrup that spices up a bevy of drink concoctions.

We mixed up three of the recommended drinks listed right on the bottle :

The Pumpkin Slide (an Irish whiskey and cream concoction) that brought out the best of both aspects of the drink — Pleasantly sweet and creamy, with a smooth pumpkin finish heavy on cinnamon and nutmeg.

The Ichabod Crane, made with Fee’s, 151, and two scoops of vanilla was an ice cold belly warmer, if a little stiff on the rum side. Taking it down a bit would make this fresh eggnog-esque drink a bit smoother for the novice liver.

The Pumpkin Pie latte with a simple shot of syrup rivaled any $5.00 coffee you can find commercially, for the cost of a pod and a shot of syrup. Ready in mere minutes from home, it is perhaps the best of the pumpkin spice incarnations.

As always, Fee Brothers has produced a top quality syrup that mixes well for any occasion. It has a great fall aroma imparting cinnamon and clove. Make a drink of your own design or follow the simple recipes from the label. Either way you’re getting a great pumpkin flavored cocktail that is sure to impress.