Name:Whipped Lightning Pumpkin Pie Whipahol

Distiller:  Maple Grove Products, Inc.

This sucker is a beast. We’ll admit, we were completely green to the concept of alcoholic whipped cream when this arrived in the mail. It’s foreign territory, and while intriguing, we were pretty apprehensive. This particular holiday incarnation of Whipahol features grain neutral spirits, natural and artificial flavors, and caramel color. While that doesn’t sound like the most appealing description, this sweet concoction is boasting with sweet cinnamon and nutmeggy sweetness that would be epically sweet for your run of the mill whipped cream, but no (did we mention it was sweet?).  The mad scientists of alcohology have devised a solution to infuse your favorite pie topping with ridiculous amounts of alcohol.  Like 18.25% ABV worth.  This makes even a spoonful of the stuff overbearing and pretty hard to stomach straight. Don’t make the mistake of sticking it in the fridge either, as we managed to flatten one can by separating it out completely.

Perhaps our failure was not taking it as an accent piece; it certainly seems more appropriate for turning your coffee into moonshine, or your pie into, well, frat boy pie. Let’s just say you may think twice before lighting a match around it. For the brave though, it certainly packs a wallop. And if you swallow it fast enough on another shot, you might get through with some nose hairs left. All in all though, this is probably best for sterilizing body shots on a questionable holiday stripper.