Name: Fulton’s Harvest Pumpkin Pie Liqueur

Distiller:  Heaven Hill

We know this isn’t beer, but we figured if you were as into the pumpkin part of pumpkin beer as we are, then pumpkin liqueur wasn’t something you’d want to overlook. That’s where Heaven Hill comes in. Elected 2009’s distiller of the year by Whisky Magazine, Heaven Hill is best known for a rich tradition of Kentucky Bourbon, and touts themselves as America’s most innovative, family owned family of brands.  Fulton’s Harvest certainly delivers on that promise, and is a unique liqueur that is full of flavor, packing quite a punch at 12.5% ABV , two gold medals in 2011, and the distinguished title of first ever cream pumpkin pie liqueur.

Taken chilled and straight it’s super sweet and creamy, reminiscent of Irish cream, transformed into liquid pumpkin pie. There’s a hint of nuttiness as well, if you can hold it on your tongue long enough before the alcohol bites. If anything, this is a great liqueur for the fall season equating to eggnog for October. The perfect taste of sweet for a post thanksgiving meal cordial, or just to warm the face on a cool autumn night, Heaven Hill has given us a creation that serves as an excellent spike to coffee and ice cream dishes, with a smooth and milky texture, and enough sugar that most will require no more no matter how bold you brew. If nothing else, it’s certainly a conversation starter, and something to be shared with friends, and we can certainly get behind that. Grab some while you can, and start a new holiday tradition,  because this limited edition product is only available until November!