Name:  Pumpkin Seasonal Ale

Place of Origin / Brewer: Utah, USA / Wasatch Beers (Schirf Brewing Company)

Beer style / ABV%:  Spiced Pumpkin Amber Ale / 4.0%

Specialty Prep / Individuality: Brewed with Barley, pumpkin, and spiced like a holiday pie Wasatch is founded by Greg Schirf, who just happens to be the man responsible for making  brew pubs legal in the state of Utah. That’s enough to make him a hero in our book!



Deviates from the norm of pumpkin beers – which generally play up the black and orange for contrast and to tie in with Halloween – opting instead with earth colors: deep green, brown and beige.  The picture-perfect pumpkin on the label is in the usual place – front and center – with some nice flourishes of grains in the green background.  One of the more unique pumpkin beer labels so far. – Erich

I feel like I’m sneaking a peek at the first pumpkin of the season through the farmer’s wooden fence when I look at this bottle.  A well-designed label that is descriptive without being wordy.  – Brittney

There is a lot to be said for clean design and simplicity.  A beautiful fresh orange pumpkin, greens and gold, touches of wheat and an almost Art Deco logo all come together to really evoke the autumn season.  This is classy branding all the way. – Tim


Color:  6.5

This sucker is about as orange as they come, and features a good bit of debris cloud. Despite a relatively miniscule head, there is a touch of lacing hinting at a thick and resinous quality. – Mike

Nice coloration here.  It’s a sweet looking deep orange, like a dark caramel.  Very appealing.  There’s no head that really stands out and the body is fairly opaque. – Rick

M – 8 / T- 6 / B- 7 / R- 7 / E – 5


Aroma:  7

Somebody filled a shotgun with pumpkin muffins and unloaded it right into my face. With heaps of allspice, clove, and nutmeg surrounded in gooey pumpkin goodness, this is pumpkin pie all the way. – Mike

Strong allspice notes with cinnamon and clove as part of its entourage.  Subtle hints of pumpkin are along for the ride.  No other distinguishing characteristics. – Erich

One of the best smelling ales to date!  There is a tiny bit of cinnamon and nutmeg on the nose, but really stands out is how well this smells like a warm pumpkin pie.  I could even smell whip cream in there on top of it all!  – Rick

Did you know that cloves come from trees?  I would swear that they all live in this bottle.  This one just about knocked me over with the cloves coming off the surface.  A few swirls and I managed to eek out some fresh pumpkin, nutmeg and cinnamon, but wow…if you have a cold, this could clear your sinuses right out. – Tim

M – 8.5 / T- 5.5 / B- 8 / R- 8.5 / E – 4


Mouth feel:  5

Light bodied and lively this one does a little jig when it hits your tongue, not what I would have expected from the cloudy coloring. – Brittney

There’s a slight bite from the carbonation and it’s substantially watery.  It’s weird, but the low ABV is very noticeable in the body of the beer, or should I say lack of body.  It’s like drinking soda water with some pumpkin spices thrown in there to make it kind of sweet. – Rick

M – 6 / T- 5 / B- 7  / R- 3.5 / E – 4


Tasting notes:  5

Surprisingly dry despite the confectionary nose, with clove keeping the other spices firmly under it’s thumb. The barley and pumpkin mesh nicely beneath the spice veil, in a give and take co-action, that alternates between pumpkin and a solid ale perception. It’s a little strange to take in, but very arousing to the palate, making each new swig a slightly different experience. – Mike

After the clove bowls you over one more time in the mouth, there’s pumpkin and allspice in the ale.  A little bready–I wasn’t expecting that–along with a few citrus elements and even a touch of lemongrass.  It would really benefit from a hint of malty sweetness or some bitter hops to try and take on the overpowering clove taste.  Sadly, this is a one-note beer. – Tim

Someone put some thought into this one from beginning to end.  It’s subtleties are it’s strengths.   – Brittney

Unfortunately the Wasatch Pumpkin Ale has fallen victim to the same trap that many other pumpkin brews have succumb to: playing it safe with a bland and inoffensive ale and relying too much on the spices to make it interesting. – Erich

M – 7 / T- 4 / B- 8 / R- 3 / E – 3


Finish:  5

The tingle stays on the tongue after swallow, but leaves behind a very dry bite and a bitter taste.  I’m left wanting more, but there is nothing else there. – Rick

The cavalcade of spice resides nicely into a fading wash of clove, with the pumpkin and allspice settling in to loiter about a bit beneath the tongue. It’s shockingly crisp though, considering that every other ale I’ve had with this kind of palate tends to be quite on the syrupy side. – Mike

M – 7.5 / T- 5 / B- 6.5 / R- 3 / E – 4


Flavor balance:  5.5

–         Pumpkin to Spice balance:

Starts with pumpkin on the nose, ends with spice in the finish.  This beer is pretty well balanced overall – Brittney

It’s kind of dry with some nutmeg and pumpkin flavors on the finish.  This brew has a strange mix of flavors that are hard to pick up on. – Rick

M – 8.5 / T- 3 / B- 7.5 / R- 2.5 / E – 5

–         Sweet / Dry balance:

It’s not overly dry but the sweetness is so fleeting that if you blink you’d miss it.  That’s a real problem here because I think a touch of molasses might have saved this beer. – Tim

While the finish inclines to the dry side, the overall experience is a nice, neat juice, a little light on the sugar. – Mike

M – 7.5 / T- 4.5 / B- 6.5 / R- 4.5 / E – 3

–         Multiple Drinkability?

It’s as if this beer was designed with a thanksgiving feast in mind. Light on the palate and gullet, and strong on taste, it’s a great blend of fulfilling, but not filling. – Mike

Overall not overpowering or overwhelming in any way.  In my world, that’s a good thing.  A nice drinkable beer with or without a meal, I could definitely have more than one. – Brittney

This beer is just too dry and spicy for me to enjoy more than one.  I’m just disappointed because the aroma is so great on this one. – Rick

M – 9.5 / T- 3 / B- 7 / R- 3 / E – 5


Overall:  5.67

M – 7.58 / T- 4.83 / B- 6.08 / R- 4.92 / E – 4.08