Dramatic, no? Yes, that’s an alembic pot still, and no, we would never dream of doing anything…illegal with it. It is tempting though, particularly with all this pumpkin beer laying around. Our fore father’s might have done otherwise. In fact, today’s offering also pays tribute to early America’s love of the drink. Read on dear followers, our originators were kind of bad ass…


Name: Lakefront Pumpkin Lager

Place of Origin / Brewer: Wisconsin, USA – Lakefront Brewery, Inc.

Beer style / ABV%:  Amber / Dunkel Style Lager, 6.0%

Specialty Prep / Individuality: It seems America has a rich tradition of founding fathers that are keen on pumpkin beer. While previous reviews have touched on our first president, Lakefront Brewer Russ Klisch pays tribute to the recipe of the more enigmatic character of Thomas Jefferson. Similarly enigmatic, this beer claims to be the only pumpkin lager available in the world (the rest are ales), and is lagered for four full weeks.



With a clear and simple in your face design, there’s no mistaking what you’re getting yourself into.  The bold logo and type really help this beer stand out of the crowd. – Rick

Lakefront’s dark green label and bold lettering is very eye catching. It has an almost Noir look to it. Nothing too flashy, yet very sleek. – Keenan

Kelly green and orange with golden tendrils of vines and leaves surrounding the central image–it’s a handsome label.  The “pumpkin” pops and definitely helps this beer leap off the shelf in a sea of more muted labels. – Tim


Color: 7

A yellow orange glow like that of ripe pumpkin innards that is so sharp and clear when lit, the head appears to glow. – Mike

This lager has a great dark orange color with amber and caramel tones that help accentuate a light and airy head.  I think all pumpkin lagers strive for coloration as tempting as this one presents. – Rick

It does have a faint orange hue that distinguishes it from an ordinary lager, but otherwise there’s not much special here.  Thin head retreats to practically nothing but it does lace the glass fair enough. – Erich

M – 8 / T- 6 / K- 7 / R- 8 / E – 5


Aroma: 8

Malty and strong, with lots of nutmeg, cumin, and clove. Pumpkin is very present on this nose as well. Very inviting. I can taste it in the back of my throat without even putting my lips to it. – Mike

As I carefully peeled away the cap on the bottle, I was hit with the amazing aroma of this pumpkin lager. Very rich and strong. – Keenan

Pure pumpkin pie hits you right in the face with nutmeg, cinnamon and clove.  But surprising notes of Cola are also present, concerning me that this was going to be a sickly sweet offering. – Tim

M – 9 / T- 8 / K- 9 / R- 8 / E – 4


Mouth feel: 7

Quite pleasant and smooth.  Spices tread lightly, and the carbonation is well controlled.  Light, but not too watery. – Erich

As with most lagers this one has a light to medium body with the kind of bright carbonation that would make this a great ice cold summer beer, but stands as a bit perplexing for a more complex fall brew.  I want something with a bit more depth, and a lager nine times out of ten is just not going to cut it for a fall beer. – Tim

Lightly effervescent, as the moderate head would indicate. It’s nice and clean with a hint of bitter bite that lets you know this is still a beer. – Mike

M – 6.5 / T- 5 / K-  6.5 / R- 7 / E – 8


Tasting notes: 6

Pumpkin is very present, and the spices, despite the nose, seem to sit back and happily mingle. Sweetness verging on a dessert, which well excellent, might limit it’s multiple consumption limit. Definitive ginger here as well, which does help balance out the sweetness with some crispness. – Mike

American lagers tend to be a bit too clean, crisp and bland and unfortunately this Pumpkin Lager doesn’t do much to avert the trend.  Neither the hops, malt or yeast demand much attention, nor do the pumpkin and spices.  This seems too dilute, too subtle, too light. – Erich

This is a great tasting lager that really surprises with its sweet spices and overall smoothness.  The hint of clove really shines, helping to balance the sweetness of the malts. – Rick

M – 8 / T- 5 / K- 6 / R- 7.5 / E – 3


Finish: 5.5

Clean and short-lived to a fault.  An initial flare of pumpkin and spice snuffs out quickly.  Nothing lasts or builds upon itself with subsequent sips. – Erich

Almost powdery on the back of the throat, like I can feel the spices separating from the fluid. There a crisp flash of cinnamon as it goes down that lingers on the gum line. Has lakefront developed the ultimate fall make out beer? – Mike

This pumpkin lager definitely carries a light to bitter taste. I feel the best taste in this lager is it’s after taste. Once the beer is gone I had an amazing after taste. One I have never experienced with other pumpkin brews. Though, it does not help the over all taste. – Keenan

M – 8.5 / T- 4 / K- 6 / R- 7 / E – 2


Flavor balance:6

–         Pumpkin to Spice balance:

No pumpkin to speak of in here.  Spices are all on the nose with a few on the finish.  They don’t overpower the beer, but you can’t have balance if one half of the equation is missing. – Tim

This one impresses me. While some pumpkin ales I’ve had achieve balance with a muted sensibilities, this lager is bold enough to thrust them both proudly upon the palate, and declare your tongue it’s bitch. – Mike

M – 9.5 / T- 2 / K- 7 / R- 8 / E – 4

–         Sweet / Dry balance:

Actually a nice even mix on the sweetness, it’s sort of Goldilocks ‘just right’ until the bitter finish gets to you. – Tim

I liked being surprised by the sweetness of this beer, especially after the initial spicy aroma. – Rick

M – 4 / T- 7 / K- 4 / R- 7.5 / E – 8

–         Multiple Drinkability?

Tasty as it is, this treat could easily trick you into a few. But the sweetness over an evening, might leave you regretting not have making it a one and done. – Mike

This lager is very easy to take in, and I suspect very easy on the way out like other American lagers.  Whether or not a veteran beer lover would desire for more of these is another question – there’s not a lot to pique their interest here. – Erich

M – 4 / T- 4 / K- 5 / R- 6 / E – 8


Overall: 6.58

True to the enigma of it’s creator, this beer has yielded some surprisingly different opinions this round. We’ve tried to add some point / counterpoint to justify the score variance, but hopefully by now you guys are starting to get a feel for who’s palate your own might resemble! Let us know your thoughts!

M – 7.67 / T- 5.42 / K- 6.67 / R- 7.42 / E – 4.83