If you’ve been reading this far, I should apologize for the first person sentiments. This blog, if it’s not already clear, will be the result of the combined efforts and opinions of five reviewers, and a couple of awesome support folks. So without further ado, lets get to know them, starting with me:


I’m a bit of a Jack of all trades. I’ve spent much of my life deeply involved in music, and most of my adult life as a freelance recording engineer, writer for a slew of rags and ‘zines, and as guitarist for my progressive-metal band Empyrean. My primary bread and butter these days comes from working in the family law firm, and I consider myself an aspiring distiller (it’s a work in progress). Currently engaged to a lovely girl, I will be married before this project is over. I have a dog. She’s cooler than most people. I’m a bit of a foodie, and have always been an explorer open to new experiences. I’m not the kind of drinker with a staple, but among what you might call my staples, I can tell you a lot about every brand. My house is full of empty bottles (and a few half empty ones).

I started drinking at a fairly late age (read: not 15). But years of nights in bars on and off stage have caught me up to the proper liver damage anyone approaching 30 should have. Beer was my gateway, and though I must admit I spend most nights drinking bourbon or courting the green fairy, Pumpkin beer always brings me back around for about 3 months out of the year. Due to my Belgian heritage on my Father’s side, and German on my Mother’s, I jumped into beer pretty fast and deep. I’ve been fortunate to have a sponsorship for the band with Brouwerij Van Steenberge’s Gulden Draak, so I guess I’ve been a bit spoiled at times. Fortunately, they don’t make pumpkin ale that I’m aware of, so I should be nice and clear of a bias in that department.

That girl I mentioned earlier has told me regularly that I should be a food critic because I spend my life just like the dog, sniffing and tasting anything I can find. So here I am. My top five favorite brews in no particular order are:

Wittekerke – Brouwerije Bavik – Harelbeke-Bavikhove, Belgium.

Gulden Draak – Brouwerij Van Steenberge –Ertvelde, Belgium

Unearthly IPA – Southern Tier Brewing Co. – New York, U.S.A.

Midas Touch – Dogfish Head – Delaware, U.S.A

Samael – Avery Brewing – Colorado, U.S.A



I’ve been a professional film critic and entertainment journalist for over 15-years. I majored in Fine Art in college. I’m a filmmaker, a photographer and a father. I currently co-write/produce/host a short film showcase on television in Orlando, Florida. I have an expensive obsession with Absinthe. I am very excited, and my wife is very concerned, because a new craft beer bar has opened near my house that has over 500 bottles and 40 taps to keep me busy. I can’t remember when I had my first beer or what it was, but I can remember the first time I had a beer that made me realize this frothy concoction of malted hops and yeast was more than just another delivery method for alcohol. It was 1995-ish and I was younger (lets just leave it at that) and the beer was a bottle of Newcastle my friend had brought home from a trip to London. Now in those years, as Newcastle became more readily available, I’ve downed my fair share of “The Brown” and I fully recognize its shortcomings–but–as a gateway beer, it holds a special place in my heart. The list below, should give you a good idea of my Top 5 palate preferences (in no particular order).

Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier – Schlenkerla – Bamberg, Germany

Gumballhead – Three Floyds Brewing Co. – Indiana, U.S.A.

St. Sebastiaan: Dark – Sterkens Meer – Meer, Belgium

La Fin du Monde – Unibroue – Québec, Canada

Purple Haze – Abita – Louisiana, U.S.A.



Let me start off by saying I love Halloween! I have since I was a kid and never grew up.  This is probably why I am the way I am today, and why I’m here.

I am a radio show host over at Bloody-Disgusting.com, where I review and gab on and on about all things horror. I also review all things geeky over at Fandomania.com. Singing is another big love of mine and I’ve been fronting the band Sharkteeth for about six years now. There is nothing like belting out an amazing song and then taking a sip of Pumpkin ale on stage. My nine to five is out on the Universal Studios lot working on film shoots, live events and putting together the ever so famous Halloween Horror Nights.

Beer. I’m a big fan of it! It wasn’t until I was about 23 when I starting learning about all the different types and tastes of beer. After so many parties and drunken nights, I just got tired of downing bland and empty brews. I started going to local breweries and bars with unique beers on tap. Being skinny, I’d have to say I’m more of a blonde ale kind of guy. Very light, rich taste and not too filling. But I do hold a soft spot for rich dark beers and IPA’s as well. My number one love will always be for pumpkin flavored beer though. To me it’s the fall season and Halloween IN A BOTTLE. You can’t get any better than that!

Five Favorite Brews:

Zombie Dust – Three Floyds Brewing Co. – Indiana, USA

Belzebuth – Brasserie Grain d’ Orge (Brasserie Jeanne d’Arc SA) – France

Orange Blossom Pilsner Squared – Thomas Creek Brewery – South Carolina, USA

Orlando Brewing Organic Blonde Ale Bottle –Orlando Brewing co – Florida, USA

Double Dead Guy Ale – Rogue Ales – Oregon, U.S.A



Hello. My name is Rick. I’m a painter, digital artist, photographer, and screen printer, but I enjoy an increasing habit of giving my money away to the bastards at my local comic shop. On top of that I have a sincere passion for art, music, and film. So, for a more stable income I bar tend at a sports bar with plenty of beers, of which only a handful are even worth mentioning. Any chance I get to expand someone’s horizons and get them to try something besides your typical Sunday afternoon fare is a success. I intend to convert them all to obey!

I also love beer. I love trying new types of beer. My brew of choice is always going to be an IPA. I’m continuously fascinated by the nuances and balance of the hops and malts that can make each IPA special and complex. Stouts are great as well, and I love a good Ale. This is my first experience with pumpkin brews and I’m excited to taste what all the fuss is about!

I’ve been racking up points on my membership at the local pub for almost a year now and have found some beers that really stand out to me for some reason or another.

Double Dead Guy Ale – Rogue Ales – Oregon, U.S.A.

Turbodog – Abita – Louisiana, U.S.A.

Two Hearted Ale – Bell’s – Michigan, U.S.A

Jai Alai – Cigar City – Florida, U.S.A.

Unearthly IPA – Southern Tier Brewing Co. – New York, U.S.A.



My fascination with beer started as a senior in college, which is a bit late given the reputation of the schools I attended. One of my fondest memories with the beverage was the day my Computer Science professor took all of the seniors down to the local pub. Like many of my classmates, I took it as an opportunity to expand my familiarity of beer, breweries, and styles I hadn’t yet tried.

As it turns out my profession of Software Engineering has quite a close relationship with alcohol and specifically beer – the legendary Ballmer Peak and related jokes involving inebriated coding, as well as infamous stories of engineers leaving prototype smartphones at beer gardens. I feel privileged to be in a field that not only suits my talents but also has helped foster my interest in beer.

While on my journey into beer, I went on a foray into the world of whisky, specifically single malt Scotch. What makes my frenzied curiosity into Scotch so important to me is how it exposed me to some bold and often initially inaccessible flavors, hence forcing my taste to change. I’d like to think that my palate matured a bit; in the past, I gravitated toward the more saccharine-sweet and inoffensively bland, but now I am unafraid of more daunting flavors. As such, I’m more likely to favor things that take risk and are unapologetically unique, but also appreciate subtlety and how to effectively employ their boldness.

I have fond memories of pumpkin-flavored brews and other Autumnal offerings as part of my development as a beer enthusiast.I consider my time with this blog as a wonderful opportunity to find a pumpkin beer that satisfies my current palate.

Favorite Beers:

Trappistes Rochefort 10 – Brasserie Rochefort  – Belgium

Duvel  – Duvel Moortgat – Belgium

Blanche de Bruxelles – Brasserie Lefebvre – Belgium

Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale  – Stone Brewing Co – California,U.S.A.

XS Imperial Porter – Rogue Ales – Oregon, U.S.A.



I won’t lie, I’m that lovely girl mentioned up above (back in the first section), but before you call the girlfriend / fiancée / wife substitute fail, at least allow me to introduce myself.

I’m Brittney, I’ve spent the last 7 years and counting working in the world of coffee and tea on both coasts.  I’ve had the privilege to work with, and taste with, some of the greatest owners, growers, masters and visionaries in the industry.  I spend most of my days steeping leaves and pulling shots.

I became interested in beer, well, when I had my first good beer.  No one should believe that all beers taste the same, and after my initial younger self got over that warm Southpaw, I came to love it. (good beer, not Southpaw).

I like to stifle the assumption that people that drink lighter bodied beers are beginners, babies or boring. I drink my coffee black and my whiskey neat, so don’t turn your nose up at my Wittekerke.

Wittekerke – Brouwerije Bavik – Harelbeke-Bavikhove – Belgium.

Delerium Tremens – Brouwerij Huyghe – Belgium

Anchor Steam – Anchor Brewing Company – California, USA

Humble Patience – Magic Hat – Vermont, USA

Linden Street Burning Oak Black Lager -Linden Street Brewery – California, USA