Obviously, Pumpkin beer isn’t going to be wholly of pumpkin essence. Most people don’t eat pumpkin and think,” hot damn this is a delicious squash and I would love to make beer from it!*”. (*If you do, good for you).

No, when we get into Pumpkin beer, our inner Homer Simpson emerges in lust of the unholy union of beer and mmm…pieeeee….

That being said, we wanted to stay on top of what it is that actually goes into making pumpkin pie great (as far as we know there is not a cool whip flavored beer…yet), and being dudes, well, know exactly what those things taste and smell like on their own.

The most common elements of the recipe we’ve found are Cumin, Allspice, Cinnamon, Ginger, Clove, and Nutmeg (the obvious Pumpkin Pie spice is typically some semblance of these mixed together.) We highly recommend if you’re following along that you create a kit similar to the one pictured above, so that you might better sense the notes we’re describing when we do our tastings.

In my personal ideal, a pumpkin beer should represent a balance of spices and true pumpkin flavor, be sweet without being cloying, and skate the realm between refreshing and dessert, enough so that you could easily drink 2-3 servings without regretting it (*note, we will be making adjustments for serving based on abv to help level the playing field. I.E. one pint of 9% beer will equal three servings of the same pint size of one that is 3%).

Other ratings should include a 10 point system on a half point scale (0-.5 being poor, 5 being average, and 9.5-10 being very high) based on the following that will then average into a total score. :

Specialty Prep / Individuality:




Mouth feel:

Tasting notes:


Flavor balance:

–         Pumpkin to Spice balance:

–         Sweet to Dry balance:

–         Multiple Drink-ability?:

Flavor balance scores will be derived as an average of it’s three categories before being averaged again into the additional score. Packaging will not be included in the final score, but we did want to take a moment to acknowledge the efforts of great design work. After all, we are geeks.