Since childhood, my favorite holiday has always been Halloween. Maybe it was the candy, maybe it was my slightly warped childhood viewing of horror movies, or maybe it was just the fact that it signaled the one time of year when the temperature was bearable in my native state of Florida. The joy has never left me, and in a sentiment I seem to share with most people, we have striven to keep the spirit of the season alive as much of the year as we can.

Yeah yeah, get to the beer, right?

This is probably hardly an original idea. In fact, I know it’s not. I don’t know if there’s been an ongoing blog about it, but there’s definitely been taste offs, if not professionally, in the homes of many of my friends and family, and I’m sure yours too. We like beer. Hell, we like drinking in general. Am I right?

Still, all libations aside, nothing makes me happier than a good pumpkin beer. Maybe that’s blasphemy. I’m not new to it. I suspect it’s a combination of all the sappy crap back in the first paragraph of this note combined with a love of drinks of quality and craftsmanship. In my travels of the alcohol driven world, it seems to be yet another widely shared sentiment. From the snob to the common man, everyone has an opinion, and an appreciation for their poison of choice.

So we’ve covered pumpkins, and beer. I did mention we were geeks too right?

Geek is a broad term these days. Yes, I’ve had many conversations about how the hulk would kick wolverine’s ass. I’m not gonna lie. I do however, have a strong belief that there are all kinds of geeks. Sports geeks. Music Geeks. Computer Geeks. and yeah, Beer Geeks. We’re probably those too. So in the spirit of a Marvel vs. D.C. deathmatch, our goal is to objectively match up as many pumpkin beers (and maybe the occasional other product) as well from multiple viewpoints, and tastes.

I’m sure you already have your favorites. I’m trying hard to forget mine. But in the spirit of competition, we’re going to taste any and everything like it’s the first time. Beers will be rated on a variety of factors. And yes, we will disagree.

This isn’t so much about “there can be only one ” however. It’s more about, here’s who I think is best and why. Maybe some minds will be changed. Maybe not. But we aim to bring our views to you. No special qualifications. No official titles. Just a few guys who really, really like pumpkin beer.